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Hire Developers
10 times faster
With Zero Hassle  

For Clients who value quality and speed of hiring

Hiring the best engineers requires powerful tools driven by AI. iCrowd.co put that for me into practice.

Amazon  I Mohammed L.

3,5 Million Developers
Passive job seekers interested in (permanent and/or freelance employment) 
11 countries I 1 Platform
You use iCrowd.co for all your tech hiring across 10 European countries and India
100% Match
iCrowd.co Proprietary algorithm matches and pre-selects candidates to fit your requirement.
HM with recruiter about iCrowd Speed of
Speed is everything
iCrowd.co uses algorithms for matching candidates in the databases of recruitment agency partners in its network.
It has fully automated delivery process. By the time you post your job opening on a job board, you receive matching candidates from iCrowd.co
No Hassle!
iCrowd.co eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple recruitment channels like job boards and recruitment agencies.
Delivered tech candidates are always 100% interested in your job opening and company. They match your criteria such as budget, availability, technology expertise.
They are ready for you to schedule their interview.
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For when you need to stretch over the borders 

Partnering with iCrowd.co was essential for building our Digital XL team of international engineers.

Van Lanschot Bank  I Iris de G.

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Massive Pool of 3,5 million tech
With it's massive reach iCrowd.co delivers daily
(for permanent and contract) roles:
5000+ Software developers (Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails)
1000+ Architects (Technical, Enterprise, Solution)
700+ Testers (Manual, Automation)
You use 1 Contract, 1 platform to hire top tech talent within your budget from 10 EU countries and India.

For when your Recruiters don't just need a hiring solution

No second thoughts, I consider iCrowd.co as the recruitment solution I need as part of my ongoing hiring

Flipkart  I Raginee

 From e-commerce startups to large public institutions, 160+ Client are already building their tech teams with iCrowd.co.


One of our Experts will give you a call to discuss the available pipeline of passive candidate on iCrowd.co & how it can work for you too.