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Don't Wait 30-45 Days to Get Paid!

Freelancers have international invoices paid in 3-5 days.
Easy & Transparent monthly process. No hassle

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Does Receiving Your Money 6 x Faster Matter to You?

Are you working as Freelancer or do you want the Freelancer you work with

to get paid faster?

iCrowd.co Pay is the only international solution for you. Here is what it does:

Approval < 24 hours

Request a 15 min call with iCrowd.co Pay colleague. You will hear within 24 hours if your request is approved.

Invoice paid in 3-5 days

Share each month your invoice & approved timesheet. Receive your payment in 3-5 working days.

Awesome Support

Need help? The iCrowd.co Pay team is there to assist you through mail, phone, whatsapp.

Enjoy Your Money

Enjoy spending your money with family and friends 20-35 days faster

iCrowd.co Pay for Companies
Working with Freelancers

Ideal solution for when you want to keep your Freelancers happy by having their invoice paid faster.
Here is what iCrowd.co Pay does for you:

  • Pays your Freelancers within 3-5 days
  • Sends you only one invoice for all Freelancers
  • Helps retain Freelancers to work longer with you
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See How iCrowd.co Pay

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iCrowd.co Pay for Freelancers

As an Expert in your field, you want to do what you do best & not worry about paying your bills. iCrowd.co Pay helps you:

  • Have mental peace and enjoy your money faster
  • Work on new projects and not worry about invoice payments
  • Take on new clients. Enjoy the same iCrowd.co Pay across Europe.
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Thousands of IT Professionals Get
Paid Each Month with iCrowd.co Pay




Invoices Paid

3.3 days

Average per invoice


EU countries

What Freelancers Say
About Us.

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Things You Might Want to Know

Who is iCrowd.co Pay most used by?

iCrowd.co Pay is most preferred solution by Freelance Consultants working for European Institutions. Why? Because most Freelance Consultants used to be permanent employees before choosing to work on freelance basis. They prefer to maintain their old life style and receive the payments of their invoice as early as possible.

Can iCrowd.co Pay be used for all sorts of projects?

iCrowd.co Pay is mostly used by companies who already have an established relationship and contract with iCrowd.co Pay. You don't work as Freelancer for a company that has a contract with iCrowd.co Pay? Not a problem. Reach out to us and let us explore the possibilities. iCrowd.co Pay can work with almost all types of companies.

Can I have the monthly invoices paid in crypto currency?

Yes you can. About 80% of the Freelancers receiving payments through iCrowd.co Pay choose to be paid in crypto. Why? Cross border payments are super fast & cheap. Funds transferred on the Etherium network are received in < 5 min (24/7). Most banks take 1-3 working days to process payments and they might apply high transfer fees.

One Fixed & Transparent Monthly Fee

With iCrowd.co Pay Freelancers do not care about interest rate or other
international borrowing costs. The fee you pay is the same each month.

EUR 500 per month
No other hidden fees
Cancel at the end of the contract
Take iCrowd.co Pay with your new project

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